Have you ever had a secret love?

Olivia Baskett-Naranjo
3 min readOct 13, 2020

The law of attraction is something truly fascinating to me. From that stranger you see everywhere to that friend you always seem to run into. The way the world pulls people, things, and energies together is one of the most endearing and powerful parts of life. I’ve had this in many different forms from running into that random friend every few years at just the perfect time. That woman from the train that all of a sudden shows up everywhere and I mean everywhere. Getting off at the same stop, walking into the bank, while visiting my mom at the hospital. For all I know this is what a guardian angle looks like. To the friend you just always seem to find in a crowd. The way souls find each other is the eighth wonder of the world for me.

We all have that never ending crush or “first love” that’ll never go away but a secret love is something different. It’s that excitement you get hearing their name but hold in so no one will notice. It’s rooting for them to get everything they want in life even if you’re not apart of it. It’s the feeling you constantly deny inside knowing this could be it but never showing that because god forbid. Secret loves are the stories that should be written about in my opinion. The unknowingness of another soul that has true altruistic intent for you and everything that goes along with it.

Here’s a few signs of an unrequited or secret love that might exist:

  1. The moment they call, text, or look in your direction the world stops but does it go both ways.
  2. You come to their defense no matter WHAT but would they do the same for you.
  3. You always end up running into each other whether it’s been a few weeks, months, or years.
  4. You listen to every word they say but the moment they talk about relationships the discomfort sets in.
  5. You always catch yourself looking at them no matter where or what they’re doing.

This isn’t meant to be a “how to” article on finding your one true love or finally building the courage to tell them cause…what the hell do I know. This is just an article about the sorrow and beauty of fear. An odd statement yes but bear with me. Fear can block anyone from their own blessings or it can push them forward into a new path of beauty. We’ve all been fearful of showing our true selves at one point and hopefully overcame that hurtle. Some of us are still fighting through it or coming to terms that they may never get there. Never the less, I wanted to write this to show the beauty of always having someone out there even if you might not know it. Take that leap of faith or open your eyes to someone you might’ve of been blind to for years. Life is short but the lessons are long. Take hold of your life, move forward with love, and keep an eye out for the souls that always seem to make their way back to you.



Olivia Baskett-Naranjo

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